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The PaniShani.com is the premium web site of Pakistan which gives its readers all news just in one place under one umbrella. It brings the best of Pakistan and the world wide news to its readers. It is the one fastest web news source for all. It is basically combination of two words, Pani and Shani. As need of water or pani (urdu word) is very necessary for everyone and we can’t live without drinking water in our daily life. Similarly you will feel yourself incomplete without keep in touch with latest news and happenings in Pakistan. Here PaniShani will be your daily dose of reading latest news and events in Pakistan. Staying up to date is one of the most demanding attribute of the current era and PaniShani use to cover all the social, economical, educational, entertainment, sports, and science and technology subjects, and all up dated affairs in all the areas of ones interest. It offers real-time news and the best experience of getting known about each subject.

We have hired the best writers and journalist to provide all news in very effective and understandable way. We believe in providing best and valuable stuff with all our highly intellectual attributes. We believe in truth and a true face of all the current happenings of world we bring for our readers in one place. Just with a click, one can start its juicy journey with Pani Shani as we set our daily blogs off from economy news to politics news, financial news to news of foreign policies, sports news to entertainment news, national news to international news and educational news to news of technology. All the news is acclaimed by highly qualified journalists.

Our mission is to give one the most right and appropriate news with no touch of artificiality. PaniShani wants to make its readers more updated and to the mark. It has a variety of topics and one can choose one of its interests from our multiple topics. Clarity with truth and quality with in the contents is our priority. By reading PaniShani.com on regular basis, one can increase its knowledge to compete in the world where staying up dated is most challenging thing. We strive to be best and we are craving to know all the current news to provide it on our web site.

Panishani.com is a web site which is the most trusted by the readers. Our co founder, technology officers, web developers, editors, and journalist always work with complete coordination to bring out best to its readers. Pani Shani has the best team who work very hard to unveil hidden and real news for the readers. We use to update our site for all the people of all age and any one can find subject of his interest. All the blogs and news is highly informative and can increase ones general knowledge covering all the world news. PaniShani is the web site which you were striving for from a long period of time, just a click of your mouse can give you all world wide news in very clear and understandable way. Be the first of becoming known to all the latest and most recent happenings of world. Join us to know all in one snap.